Concrete Plant Management

Our concrete batch control system combines speed & accuracy, flexibility, and connectivity all in one system.

Superior accuracy
Superior accuracy
Quicker cut-off response resulting from JONELs unique dual processor design
Virtually eliminate jogging of fill gates
Plant production more consistently at maximum capacity
JONELs proprietary Intelligent Free-Fall technology monitors all material fill and automatically adjusts for cut-off variations
High-Low Bin content indicators
Increased flexibility
Increased flexibility
Integrated Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) allows tighter control of all plant functions
Eliminate need and expense of buying and maintaining separate systems
Easily integrate custom batching equipment accessories
No additional relays and custom wiring required
Material distribution
Water reclamation
Silo monitoring
Moisture monitoring
Remote batching capacity
Remote batching capacity
Operate plant over a network or by modem
Monitor production remotely
Ease of use
Ease of use
ARCHER™ Batching Controls are easy to learn and use.
Simple single key-press operation
On-screen assistance
Color-coded status displays
Short learning curve
Advanced architecture
Advanced architecture
Multiple and Remote User Access
System management and monitoring
Distribution and configuration of information
Seamless Integration of systems
24-7 Access
Batch alerts
Batch alerts
Connect your entire management team with batch notifications and alerts
Observe Tolerances
Assess Production
Monitor Scheduling
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