Ready-mixed concrete

Innovative concrete solutions, proudly delivered by people you can trust

At MapleCemex concrete line, we put the combination of quality products with outstanding customer service at our core company culture. We currently own and operate ??? concrete batching plants in the South of Vietnam; each able to match the unique requirements of your project with a specific concrete mix design from our database.

MapleCemex has long incorporated the satellite tracking system to manage a fleet of more than ??? rear discharge mixer trucks, ready-mixed concrete products are delivered to job sites throughout the South of Vietnam.

Our focus is on developing and maintaining quality relationships with our customers while striving to exceed their expectations in every aspect of the process. We continue to be a market leader in the ready mixed concrete industry, offering a variety of products and mix designs for any concrete application.

Our concrete plants are computerized to ensure every mix we produce will be consistent and of the highest quality. Since your project is important to you, it is important to us.

Our production capacity
batching plants
cubic meters/hour
skilled workers
Why us
Stable material quality
Only use 1 source of cement to ensure the highest quality with a wide network of batching plants to supply peak volumes.
Application of international standard
International standard concrete to minimize the defects and cracks for reliable construction quality
Cutting edge technology
Using the cutting edge technology to increase the product strength and performance yet improve the cost effectiveness.
Money saving
High economic efficiency and long service life
Proven professional services
Professional technical consulting, 24/7 customer care service.
Fiber-reinforced Concrete (FRC)

In some specific concrete applications such as outdoor slabs, thin topping layers and where early curing is difficult, plastic shrinkage cracks may appear, leading to the unaesthetic surface.

Sulfate Resistance Concrete

For the industrial applications that were exposed to the aggressive environment, containing a high level of sulfate and/or chlorides such as wastewater tanks, seafood market, some certain chemical factories, etc., the concrete durability will be affected, reducing the service life of the structure.

Mass Concrete

In thick concrete elements >1,50m, such as the pile cap, foundation and transfer beam, the cement hydration during hardening increases the concrete temperature inside the mass concrete element, which can lead to thermal cracks, water leakage and structural damage.

High Strength Concrete

For high-rise buildings, a higher strength concrete allows a significant reduction of the column size and core walls, increasing the net-available space in the building and optimizing the investment cost.

Flowable Concrete

Flowable Concrete is a self-leveling mortar, designed to provide a thin and flat finished surface. For damaged concrete slabs requiring rehabilitation, this mortar can be used as a repair solution for a topping layer on the existing damaged surface rather than replacing the entire concrete slab.