Our products include prefab houses, precast buildings, hollow core slabs, wall panels and columns

MapleCemex position itself as a complete service provider of structural precast and post-tensioned concrete. We are involved in all the phases of the project. We will design, manufacture, deliver and install our products. With more than 16 years experience in the business, we have optimized our structural elements to be efficient, safe and low cost.

Our manufacturing plant operates using state-of-the-art technology, insuring the industry's highest standards of quality control and safety. The plant is located in Batroun and lays over a 40 000 m2 piece of land. With direct access to the seaside highway, we can deliver our products all over Lebanon and Syria at low transportation costs.

We will design, manufacture and build the entire structure using precast elements. We deal with the client directly to set up his new warehouse or offices in record time.

Since then, we have continuously guaranteed that our precast and post-tension solutions are less expensive and more durable than any traditional system.

Our precast concrete is energy-efficient, recyclable, reusable and creates minimal waste in the precast plant and the job site.

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Hollow Core Slab

In the industry of prestressed structures, hollow core slabs represent the most advanced product. It is a constructive element whose production is highly industrialized and completely automated with the latest world’s technology.

Wall panel

Precast Wall panels are widely used as load bearing elements in commercial, residential projects, and high rise buildings. Other uses are Facade elements, Cladding panels, Insulated panels etc.

Beams & Columns

We produce a wide range of standardized beams and columns. Standard beam cross sections include rectangular beams, Curve beams, Ledger beams, and IT- beams and column cross sections include rectangular and circular columns. Customized sizes and shapes are provided upon clients requirements.

Stairs & Slabs

Precast concrete stairs are widely used in villas, commercial and high rise buildings. The benefits of using precast stairs are obvious, providing unobstructed and safe access throughout the building.